Food Product Development

Our food development team is at the leading edge of chilled product development and works with its food service and retailer customers to ensure their menus and ranges reflect the very latest in popular food trends from all over the world.

Product Development

We are acutely aware of the dynamic nature of the food market, with shifting trends and speed to market being critical. Our role is to have new ideas ready to hit customers’ menus or shelves at precisely the right time to meet market needs, typically creating around sixty new recipe concepts per day and launching over 700 new products per year.

Our Soups

With an enormous range of soups on offer, our development chefs have been instrumental in creating a diverse recipe book.

Flavoursome soups, delicious recipes

The UK has the highest penetration of chilled soups in Europe and has been remarkably resilient to the recent, tough economic climate. With an enormous range on offer, our development chefs have been instrumental in creating a diverse recipe book, from the popular Carrot & Coriander to on trend recipes such as Vietnamese Hot & Sour.  Textures can range from smooth puree based soups to chunky recipes such as hearty minestrone.

Our dips

Our chefs have developed a wide range of private label food dips that add flavour or texture to foods and can be used to accompany breads, meat, cheese and tortilla chips.

Our Sauces

We cover the broadest spectrum of chilled and frozen sauce production from meat, poultry, game and fish sauces, gravies and condiments through to fresh pasta and noodle sauces. All our sauces are available either chilled or frozen, and in a variety of food service and retails formats to suit every need