Mission Statement

To run TSC Foods with the highest possible standards of Customer Service, Quality, Innovation and Safety, and in an Ethical, Efficient and Profitable manner.

We will aim to be the preferred supplier in our markets for all our customers. We are achieving our Mission Statement by using TSC Food’s five pillars of success

1. Safety

Our goal is zero accidents. The Company’s main aim is to provide a working environment without risk to the health, safety and welfare of our team members, customers and neighbours.

2. Quality

In all things we do, the highest levels of quality will be our goal. Our customers expect the best and we ensure their expectations are met and often exceeded.

3. Service

Our aim is to delight our customers both external and internal in the delivery of our promises.

4. Costs

Continuous improvement in all areas enables us to ensure the best possible use of our resources.  We will constantly strive to provide the most cost effective solution.

5. People

None of the above can be achieved without our people.  We are committed to the continual development of all our team members.  Our aim is to be a truly learning organisation.  With all our team members treated with dignity and respect.